Allie Weber

Allie Weber, 14, lives in South Dakota. Allie was a MythBuster on the Discovery Science Channel show, MythBusters Jr. hosted by Adam Savage. Allie was cast on the show because she is known as a maker, inventor, and builder. Allie produces and hosts her own YouTube channel “Tech-nic-Allie Speaking” where she builds amazing things, shows her inventions, and gives reviews of tech-toys. Her YouTube show seeks to entertain, help kids get into STEAM, and to show how to build your own dreams.

Through her work Allie seeks to inspire other kids in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Because of this, in 2017 Allie was listed in the “21 under 21” girls who are changing the world by Teen Vogue Magazine.

Allie was recognized by 3M and Discovery Education as one of the top 10 young scientists in the country as a finalist with her patent-pending Blow Dart Spirometer. Her Spirometer turns a medical procedure for kids into a game and this innovation went on to win first place in the Global Paradigm Challenge Division 2 (ages 9-13) for 2018.

Allie is a long time participant with her First Lego League Robotics team, and 2018 was her 5th and final season. She encourages other FLL teams who follow her on twitter.

Allie enjoys playing the trumpet and, on her channel, she has a segment called "Trumpet Case Tuesdays" where every other Tuesday she adds a sticker on her trumpet case from a Tech company that she likes. Allie also reaches out to the community by teaching youth technology workshops on 3D printing, coding and making. Outside of her STEAM related activities, Allie also enjoys participating in soccer and tennis. Allie’s message is “Kids are not the future, we are here now. We are not going to change the world someday we are already doing it.”


At the young age of four Allie started to make things, and she is still going strong as a maker, builder, and inventor. When she was six years old she created a robot out of recycled items at her home. Allie entered her school science fair with Robie The Robot and won! From this she became the inspiration for Robot Girl Lottie Doll and her robot, Busy Lizzie. The Robot Girl Lottie Doll and Busy Lizzie were released to market in 2014.

Allie decided that the Robot Girl Lottie Doll couldn’t live in the plain doll houses from the toy store, so at age eight she decided to make her own green dollhouse fitting for an engineer doll. It has a working wind turbine, rain water collection system, and solar cells! She made it out of cardboard and other products from around her home. Allie used her love of upcycling and environmental science and green engineering to create this as a learning aid for young children. The Doll House has been featured at Science Festivals, Maker Faire, and in a few online on-line publications such as (a collaborative maker website).

Allie took an interest in engineering design challenges at her local science center entering with a group of friends and taking awards three years in a row.

Allie loves to write and placed a few times in state level competition for the well-known PBS Writers and Illustrators competitions and, when she was eight, had her entry turned into an animated story by the PBS Kids Writers and Illustrators Contest in Appleton, MN.

Allie has participated in First Lego League Robotics competitions with her team The Databots from 2014-2017 and the team has qualified and participated in state level competition in all years to this point. Although Allie is the only girl on her team, she has helped them bring home the Rising Star award, Top Robot Run scores in qualifier 3 years in a row, and the State Level Innovation Presentation award in 2017. For the 2018-19 season themed “Into Orbit “ Allie hopes to help out her team by being a mentor member.

Towards the end of the year she was introduced to the Spark Lab Global Invent It Challenge 2015. Allie and her friend Chase entered the Goal-rilla Soccer Trainer in 2015. They received an honorable mention for their trainer, which hangs from the cross bar of the soccer goal and swings back and forth to replace a goalie during practice and helps players aim for the goal corners.

Allie was encouraged by her honorable mention in the 2015 Spark Lab Global Invent It Challenge and decided to enter a second year. This time with The Frost Stopper. A fright with frostbite inspired Allie to create a frost bite warning system. Allie had gotten frost bite on her pinky finger playing outside in the winter and wanted to be able to play outside but was worried about getting frostbite again. She decided to solve her problem herself. The Frost Stopper is a glove with a temperature sensor controlled by an Arduino, which relays an audible signal to headphones inside her hat when the temperature reaches a certain point. The The Frost Stopper took first place in the 2016 Spark Lab Global Invent-it Challenge, winning Allie her first patent.

Inspired by her previous successes, Allie really kicked it up a few notches in 2017 by creating multiple inventions! Allie applied for and was awarded a Space Camp USA Scholarship to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. Allie also served as student ambassador for the 2017 Spark Lab Global Invent It Challenge. That year Allie also received an Act of Excellence from the South Dakota Hall Of Fame for her invention of the Got Your Back Binder Strap. Her school did not allow kids to carry back packs to class, instead they carried around a 3-ring binder with a cover that zipped shut. Allie found a way to attach a strap to the binder so that the weight is evenly distributed across her back. In addition to these other projects, Allie entered the Project Paradigm with the Eco Build a Home Challenge, a how-to video series based on her Green Upcycled Dollhouse design. This video series was awarded 3rd place in 2017! To make road trips more enjoyable with her brothers, Allie invented the Card-Go Caddy. She entered this invention into the AT&T Aspire and Imagination Foundation Inventor's Challenge and received an honorable mention award.

Perhaps the most challenging thing Allie did in 2017 was enter the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge with her Blow Dart Spiometer. Her hard work paid off as she was on of the Top Ten Finalists!

In 2017 Allie’s YouTube channel and social media following, and her work encouraging others in the world of STEM began to grow and her work and awards caught the eye of Teen Vogue who decided to name Allie to Teen Vogue's 21 Under 21 list class of 2017! Allie has spoken on a panel at the Teen Vogue Summit, was a featured speaker at World Maker Faire in 2017, and presented and hosted workshops with Digi-Key Electronics at Bay Area Maker Faire 2018.

Allie won first place in the Global Paradigm Challenge Division 2 (ages 9-13) with her invention of The Blow-Dart Spirometer. It was also annoucned that Allie is one of 6 kids in the new show, Mythbusters Jr. hosted by Adam Savage to be aired on the Science Channel!

Allie Weber received her first patent for her invention the Frost Stopper on June 4, 2019, after four years of development. Only around 4% of patents are owned by women or women-only teams, and much less are held by kids. Allie hopes this will inspire others to strive towards their dreams just like she has, and let them know that statistics cannot hold them back from doing what they want.

Awards and Recognition

2012 PBS Kids Writers and Illustrators contest winner (South Dakota)
2013 Viewer’s Choice Awards at school science fair
2014 Robot Girl Lottie Doll and Busy Lizzie released
2014 1st place in Washington Pavilion Kirby Science Discovery Center Design Challenge
2014 PBS Kids Writers and Illustrators contest winner (Appleton, MN)
2015 Honorable mention in the Smithsonian & Spark Lab Global Invent It Challenge
2015 1st place in Washington Pavilion Kirby Science Discovery Center Design Challenge
2016 First place winner of Spark Lab Global Invent it Challenge for Frost Bite Warning System (Patent pending)
2017 Recipient of Space Camp USA Scholarship
2017 Student Ambassador for Smithsonian & Spark lab Global Invent It Challenge
2017 South Dakota Hall of Fame Act of Excellence (Got Your Back Binder Strap)
2017 3rd place in Project Paradigm Eco Build a home Challenge from Project Paradigm
2017 Runner up in AT&T Aspire and Imagination Foundation Inventor’s Challenge (Card-Go Caddy)
2017 Named to the Teen Vogue’s list of 21 under 21
2017 Top Ten Finalist for Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge (Blow Dart Spirometer)
2017 World Maker Fair Featured Speaker New York
2018 Global Paradigm Challenge First Place
2018 National Broadcom Masters Science Competition Nominee.. higher awards in this are still pending
2018 Bay Area Maker Faire Speaker
2018 Recipient of The Mars Generation's 24 Under 24 Leaders and Innovators in STEAM and Space Award (inaugural class)
2018 Cast member on first season of Mythbusters Jr.
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