A group of friends that uplift and support each other. They spread their joy and love of all things STEAM with others and to encourage other kids to explore the world and universe around them.

We would like to welcome and introduce our newest members of The STEAM Squad: BiaSciLab, Sahda Haroon, and Laalitya Acharya. BiaSciLab started making and learning to hack at a young age and works to teach other girls these same skills. Sahda wants to be an astronaut from the UAE and while working toward this goal she also reaches out to other girls in her area to share her experiences and help them reach their goals. Laaliltya is an inventor and aspiring engineer. She is working to bring her invention to generate electricity from traffic to market, as well as reaching out to younger kids showing them how to follow their passion for STEAM.

Julie Seven Sage

Aspiring Astrophysicist

Allie Weber

Aspiring Engineer

Taylor Richardson

Aspiring Astronaut

Jordan Reeves

Aspiring Designer

Gitanjali Rao

Aspiring Geneticist

Lauren Voisin

Designer and Entrepreneur

Kari Lawler

Entrepreneur and Computer Scientist

Ashley Voisin

Designer and Entrepreneur

Ivanna Hernandez

Aspiring Aerospace Engineer

Hannah Herbst

Computer Scientist

Kaitlyn Ludlam

Aspiring Astronaut

Simone Bridges

Chef and Entrepreneur

Gabriella White

Aspiring Architect

Sahda Haroon

Aspiring Astronaut

Laalitya Acharya

Inventor / Aspiring Engineer


Maker / Hacker